Tuesday, November 22, 2011

This and that

I should be posting about my being 25 weeks along but I really don't feel like taking a pic...so maybe later this week :)

BUT I did want to show you the new 16x20 canvas print that we got!

Isn't it pretty?! I absolutely LOVE wrapped canvas prints but I absolutely HATE the price so anytime that there is a good deal on them I snag one. This deal I got on EverSave for $35 to CanvasChic.com! Such a great deal I tell ya! The other two I got after Hattie was born from CanvasPeople.com and all I paid was shipping. Canvases are so nice because they make a statement and you don't have to go searching for that "perfect" picture frame. You literally can just hang them up! SO NICE! Anyway, just wanted to share :)

Another thing that we have been doing a lot of around our house is this...

Yes, you can see it for yourself, Hattie is OBSESSED with Thomas the Train! She wants to watch it all the time and her favorite train is Emily (naturally, the only girl, ha!) Seriously though, she sings and dances to it and can't get enough--we even own a Thomas toothbrush and sippy cup--now that's true love. HA!

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