Saturday, June 30, 2012

Home Tours - Show us your Kids Rooms

Linking up with Kelly's Korner home tours again today.  Today's tour will be of the girls' room.  We live in a two-bedroom townhouse so our girls, Hattie and Holden, get to share a room!  I hope they will always want to share even when we have a bigger place, we will see :)  This is probably my favorite room in the house because I LOVE all things girly!  This space was a lot of fun for me to decorate for my two precious girls!

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Saturday, June 23, 2012

He's D.O.N.E.

Mr. Pack did it!  He finally did it!  He GRADUATED!!! Woot! Woot!  We are so thrilled that he's done and couldn't be more proud of him.  After a two-year hiatus, getting married, two kids, working full-time, going straight through (summers and all, ugh!) he has finally met his goal.  He is such a hard worker, provider, and always has such drive.  When he sets out to achieve something, he does it and he does it well.  We are so proud of you Mr. Pack!  Grad School here we come!

To celebrate we had a very low-key party at the park with family.  It was crazy windy and a bit chilly so we were glad that everyone still came :)

Friday, June 22, 2012

Home Tours - Show us your Dining Room

Linking up again today with Kelly's Korner Home Tours.  Today I'll be showing you our dining room.  I wouldn't necessarily consider this a dining "room" because it's an open space that is connected to our living room.  Similar I guess to a "great room" and a lot less formal than a dining room.  Anyway, this is the area of our house that I love decorate for all of the fun holidays throughout the year. Right now we have it decorated for the Fourth of July! Here is our dining room in all it's glory, ha!

The view from the living room
 Our dining table was the first thing we bought together.  
I love the farmhouse style.

 I got the sideboard for free from a friend! It was originally brown
so I painted it red, did a gel stain over the top, 
and added new knobs from Hobby Lobby.

I'm not much of a fan of kids' toys in the main areas of the home, but 
Hattie absolutely LOVES her play kitchen. She uses it everyday
and often will "cook" while I make dinner in the kitchen.
 We also got this little table for free and I finally got around to finishing it 
last month. I love the personality the stripes add!  The chairs are from 
Ikea and we just painted them white to match the table.
 Hattie's little area :)
 The view from the other side.
 The wreath is from Target and I just layered 
it over an existing mirror I already had.

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