Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Birthday Fun

I had such a wonderful birthday weekend this year spent with family. It was so nice to be able to relax and hang out with the people I love most. Sean of course spoiled me rotten and took Manhattan in the morning so I could sleep in. They also went out to run errands so that I could get ready and I even had enough time to paint my toenails! Ha! Sean and Hattie then brought me yummy lunch from Chick-fil-A and it was DeLiSh--I love that place. After lunch I was then surprised with some awesome gifts from my hubby. Later on that evening my family took me out to Market Street Grill. It's definitely an all time favorite of ours and it was fun to introduce Sean to such fabulous food! On Sunday the Pack's invited us up to their home and we had a yummy dinner and of course the best dessert ever--SCORE Cake! YUMMY! Birthdays are the BEST! I am already planning Manhattan's first birthday. Ha!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Bringin' out the big guns

In early July my awesome friend Crystal invited my mom and I to a gun safety class. My mom of course jumped at the opportunity but I was a little more reluctant. I have never, ever shot a gun before and in all honesty they terrify me. But we all decided to go and it ended up being a ton of fun! I was taught how to load, handle, carry, harness, and of course shoot a gun. They are super loud and I couldn't believe how powerful they are. Shooting definitely is a lot of fun but you still need to have a lot of respect for it. Thank you so much Crissy for inviting us--we had such a great time!