Thursday, November 20, 2008

Wedding.. T-Minus 16 Days.

So today is the 20th of freaking November, and that means that I... errrrr WE are getting married in 16 DAYS. Holy mother-of-pearl, this is getting crazy. Alexa is meeting with the wedding planner as we speak, while I am upstairs playing on facebook or checking out steep and cheap... ya know, the REALLY important things pertaining to the wedding. But the plans are rockin, and my beautiful bride is doing such an amazing job of handling all the stresses of the wedding. As for myself, I am just plain excited. Oh, and before I go on, I am sorry it has been so long between posts, here is a shout out to all our followers on this blessed website. Hey Followers. Anyway, back to the present, a lot has been going on with us lately and here is the shortened update. Alexa works a lot. She is surviving at Directpointe and I try to match her work schedule with my own. Constantly making calls and setting appointments trying to sell people insurance has its ups and downs, but I am really throwing all my effort into it and starting to see some success. But back to the wedding, we are starting to receive gifts via mail and such and its like Christmas everyday... ummm awesome? We are so blessed to have such amazing friends and family that are so generous and giving. But either way, presents are cool... the only issue, which consequently leads into my next blogging topic is where to put them...? Oh wait I know the answer, how about our new place? yay! We found a small basement apartment in Springville to rent a few weeks back that will love having Prada (yes, our Yorkie is named Prada) around. It will be so nice to finally be out from the parents' houses and establish our life together. Being about 15 minutes from Provo will allow that much needed separation and we are stoked. The place is tiny however. Alexa just took me over to Downeast Home to show me a kitchen table she really liked and I will post a picture of it. This was my exact thought, is this a little kids table for imaginary tea and crumpets? I am sorry babe, and I appreciate you trying to find something for our needs :) anyway, enjoy the picture. But the moral of the story is that we are elated to be married, and I love my soon to be wife (Pictured Below)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Check 'em out!

Hey our SuPeR AwEsOmE photographer added some of our engagement picutres to his blog! You're welcome to take a look at

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I have hesitated blogging lately because I feel like we don't have much going on right now. We've definitely stayed pretty busy with finalizing all the wedding details and now are just waiting for the big day to arrive! We cannot wait! We had our engagement pictures taken a few weeks back and they look absolutely AmAzInG. We could not be any happier with them--a big thank you to our photographer Randy. Our invitations arrived and look great--now it's just a matter of addressing all 400 of them--what a daunting task! We ordered the favor boxes and we just need to fill them with all the fine chocolates we bought--if I don't eat them all first :) Bridesmaids dresses arrived earlier than anticipated and they look absolutely beautiful on all the gals. Speaking of dresses, a funny thing happened at my dress fitting--I almost fainted! Yeah, what a joke! I had my dress on and the two wonderful seamstresses were pinning and tucking all around me and all of a sudden I got really hot--my dress is a beautiful, thick duchess silk and it's very heavy and very hot--and I looked in the mirror in front of me and I was completely WHITE. I told the women to stop what they were doing and hurried and sat down with my head in between my legs. It was ridiculous! My mom asked the dressmaker if she had ever had any brides faint on her before and she said, "Too many to count!" It was pretty funny and luckily we are getting married when it's freezing out! Other than that little incident everything is going much smoother than I could have ever planned. I'm sure there will be little things popping up in the next few weeks but I'm a lot less stressed than I thought I would be.

OH! I forgot to mention...Sean is a ROCKSTAR and passed his insurance exam that he had been studying so hard for! He is super stoked to start working in the industry and we are all so proud of him. Way to go babe!

Lastly we have a very cute but very evil little dog. She is having a very difficult time with understanding the word "NO!" Ah! I am going crazy! Heard of The Devil wears Prada? I've got a new one for you: The Devil IS Prada! She doesn't like to have bows in her hair or wear any type of sweater or dress. Anything that she has in her mouth she FREAKS out if you try and take it from her. As tiny and cute as she is she has definitely got one big personality. I think we are going to have to hire Cesar or find a dog trainer that can help us because we are at our wits end with her.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Soccer Game and Such

So these last few weeks have been a lot of fun for us and I (sean) thought I would share a little here and there, as well as post a few pictures. From our last post, you can see our little baby Prada. she is such a little thing and she is such a fun dog. The gift was way too much from Alexa, but seriously how cool is that? When we were at Petsmart buying her little pink crate and pink collar with some bling, I had to look back at myself and laugh a little. I felt compelled to comment about the very masculine and manly dog that we had recently purchased. ha. but seriously it was a great birthday and I love little Prada. And no, I didnt pick the name. I would have gone for Bruiser or Spike. haha no really, she is such a little Prada it's ridiculous. This past weekend Alexa and I had the priviledge of hanging out with the Stevo's, which is always a ton of fun. We went to the Real game against Chivas and I gotta say, soccer needs to figure out more ways to score or something. A 1-0 loss on a crappy play where the goalie and defender run into each other and the chivas attack run the ball into the goal is not a real way to win. Its kinda like that BYU game a few weeks back, who really wants to win on a handout? Anyways, it was great to see the Stevo's and meet little Andie. She was a trooper during the game and such a doll. A few pics will surely follow this post. But as far as us, we are both battling a wicked head cold as of late. I am not sure how I got the cold to begin with as Alexa's family all had it excluding Alexa... and sure enough after I am sick for a day and a half, she gets it. I am feeling better alread but Alexa is hitting the brunt of it as we speak, so feel better babe! Sorry... Other than that high note, we have our engagement pictures on the 3rd so we are pretty jacked about that. I just cant wait to be married to her. Anyways, have a great day!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bithdays and Puppies!

Yesterday was Sean's birthday and for weeks I had been dreading the thought of having to go out searching for a gift for Mr. Picky Pack. I had thought of a few different things but nothing seemed quite good enough. After much thought and deliberation I decided to take a risk and buy him a little Yorkie puppy! As many of you know my family has a Yorkie named Starlette and close to eight weeks ago she had 2 little girl puppies (sadly one died shortly after she was born). I have been wanting a Yorkie of my own for so long--as I can't take the family dog when we get married--and Sean and I had discussed getting one in about a year or so because he absolutely loves Starlette and wouldn't mind a small dog in the house. Well much to his surprise I worked it out with my mom to buy the puppy from her for Sean's birthday. So with much excitement we are pleased to welcome to the future Pack clan the adorable Little Precious Prada Pack! Happy Birthday baby! You are the best! I love you!!!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Latest and Greatest

So I am home. How nice! I really underestimated how difficult this summer was going to be away from my bride but now that it is over, I couldn't be any happier. I got home last weekend and we have had a great week together. Being home again makes me realize how much planning there really is in a wedding, and I am really glad that Alexa has taken the reins and really done so much without me. I am really proud of her, and December 6th can't come any faster. So a few freaking exciting things have been happening as of late... 1. My best friend James Simmons' sister Jessica Robinson won a million dollars on Deal or No Deal!!! What? Yeah, seriously. It has been really hard keeping it a secret for quite some time but how awesome is that? James found out when we were in Indiana from some random kid that happened to be at the taping and recognized James' mom. Random, but awesome. We were so stoked to watch it. 2. Well, maybe this should be number one (sorry babe) but WE ARE GETTING MARRIED IN 3 MONTHS FROM TODAY! Holy! Last night, both sets of parents joined us for dinner at my favorite Thai food place here in Provo, Bangkok Grill, for a little meet and greet. I think things went pretty well and the food was delish. Alexa was a little nervous pre-dinner, but I kept my finger out of my nose and hopefully didn't embarrass myself or family too much. :) 3. My little niece is the cutest thing in the world. Kaylee really grew a lot over the summer and I was so stoked to see her again. She is all over Shane and Shara's blog if you are interested in checking her out, but seriously, such a doll. She is running around everywhere and talking up a storm--- most of which is in a lost ancient language that someday I hope to understand. Ha, but really, I can't wait to spoil the crap out of her with ice cream and things once she is a little older. Going along with talking about the other Pack's, they find out what their baby's sex will be this next week. Theoretically, that should be number 4, but since it is along the same thought/family, I am lumping it together. Well as I sit here and wait for Alexa to get ready for the day, I am just so lucky and thankful for my life. Its pretty sweet how things are working out and I thought I would share. Sorry its not funny this time, wait, hopefully you found the other posts funny or I am an idiot. Anyways, Later Skater.

Sunday, August 31, 2008


Well yesterday SEAN CAME HOME!!!! I seriously couldn't be any happier that he is home. I have been waiting the whole summer for this day. Home from where you ask? For those of you who don't know, Sean works for a company called APX Alarm and is gone all summer long spending his days knocking doors and selling alarm systems. This year his office went to Indiana and throughout the summer we only got to see each other 4 times :( It has probably been the hardest thing for us in our relationship. But I do believe that distance truly does make the heart grow fonder and we have both become so much stronger because we've been apart. I am so proud of Sean for working so hard this summer. It's definitely not easy work! I went out knocking with him for one day and it was ridiculous! There was one couple that started freaking out and fighting with each other while we were sitting right there in their kitchen! WOW! I don't know how he does it.

Sean told me his ETA would be around 3:00 in the afternoon. I woke up early, got ready, and went out to get some things to surprise him and welcome him home from his LONG drive. Here are some pictures from the festive occasion. Welcome home my love :)

Monday, August 18, 2008

Wedding Planning

Well the other day Sean told me that I had to contribute to our blog or else it was going to "die" so I figured that I'd better write something it goes...

Well as you can see, we are 3 months, 2 weeks, and 4 days away from the infamous Wedding Day and we are so very excited! But all I can say is that weddings are so involved! For anyone that knows me they know I have quite the Type A personality (or as my family kindly refers to it: OCD+) and I am a total planner. I have to have a plan for everything and I have a hard time when things don't go according to I'm sure you can only imagine how many tears there were when our trip to Houston didn't go according to plan by any means. And just so everyone is aware, I am working on my shortcomings and trying to be a little bit more flexible. Anyway, I have been planning this wedding for months before Sean ever proposed and I finally just told him that if he never did it that there would be a wedding with no groom. Luckily he did and here we are but my goodness I didn't realize how many, many, many decisions I would have to make! How many tiers on the cake, live band or DJ, food, chairs or slipcovers, flowers, decor, linens, bridesmaids’ dresses, invitations...ahhh! I feel like my mind is spinning! Where is Franck when we need him?! I know Sean is so sick of me always asking him questions so he just tells me, "It doesn't matter, whatever you want babe." Most of the decisions have been made by me but Sean, as always, has been so amazingly patient with me in knowing that this really has stressed me out beyond words and sometimes I tend to get a little snappy--I love you baby! But all in all l it has been a lot of fun and we cannot wait for December 6, 2008 to finally arrive so that I can walk down that aisle, forget about all the pomp and circumstance, and once and for all become husband and wife!

As a side note, there was a little incentive given to us by my parents before we ever began this adventure. They came to us and said, "If you decide to elope we will give you ALL the money that we would have spent on a wedding, no questions asked." The deal is now off the table but part of me wishes that we would have put a little more thought into it and just gone to Vegas. We would have had a pretty hefty down payment on a new house right now :) In all honesty though we wouldn't take this back for anything and there are definitely no regrets...a lot of stress...but no regrets.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Murphy's Law

So I thought I would write a very short summary (ha) of our amazing trip to Texas this past weekend. One of my best friends from high school was getting hitched and so Alexa and I made the journey down south... pretty simple right? A few frequent flyer miles were so graciously donated by my future mother-in-law and everything was according to plan... until I got to the airport. The fun begins. Here is a rough time line in a non time line and more list-like form. My flight was cancelled, Alexa’s plane wouldn’t let her on because of “heat restrictions” (yeah, basically that means that the airline was full of horses feces and over booked the flight), tears (Alexa), flight to Houston, wait 6 hours for Alexa to land in Houston at 3 AM, lost baggage, almost more tears (Alexa), problems with rental cars, finally leave the airport after 4:30 AM to sleep for 5 hours before returning to airport, still no bag, more welling-up with tears (Alexa), find the bag randomly in front of random airport office, happy, no rental car, sad, DANE AND JULIE SAVING US, and finally leaving the airport. See, it was kinda list-like. So once again, thank you Dane and Julie for bailing us out. We ate at one of my favorite restaurants (Papasitos) and saw a very select few people before quickly getting ready and going to the wedding. The wedding was absolutely beautiful. Kim looked amazing and you could really tell how much in love those two were. They did a really classy ceremony and the reception was fantastic. I got to see some great old friends and all in all Alexa and I had a blast dancing and seeing everyone. Sunday came waaaay too fast and once again, the problems arise. We needed to rent a car, and that would have been fine, however that wasn’t going to happen because wells fargo is about as gay as aids and loves to lie to their customers. Anyways, we were stranded in Sugar Land without a car and a long list of people that we would love to see. Top on that list was Brodie and Jennika, whom we were really excited to pop in on and see. There were few people who I could call to help us out of our jam and when I texted Brodie and he immediately called, I was so relieved when he offered to help. We absolutely hate being a burden on ANYONE and they really helped us. They picked us up, we went to Papadeaux, and they took us to the airport. It was a lot of fun for such a short amount of time. So we got to the airport, ready to head back to our respective destinations when Murphy came back to visit. So here we go. Alexa got on the flight back to Utah with little tension at all. I watched her walk down the tarmac and out of my life for about 4 hours. Ha. She made it safely home. I wasn’t as lucky. After waiting for my late plane for about an hour, we headed toward my layover destination in beautiful Atlanta. Of course as I land, I see my connecting flight to Indianapolis being pushed away from our gate next door. Perfect. This is what ensued. 2 hour wait to talk with customer service about getting to Indiana, 2 hour wait for “free” shuttle to the comp’ed hotel, bed at 3 AM. What a joke. It gets better. The next morning I go to check for my 1 PM flight at 1030 AM only to find that I don’t actually have a real ticket for the flight. My flight information was corrupted or some BS and I stood there while this guy typed and typed and typed into the computer screen that nobody but him could ever see. He must have been blogging because 35 minutes later he finally called over his boss, who in turn called his boss and eventually got me on the flight. Mind you at this point it is 1210 PM. My flight is boarding in 20 minutes and I am not through security. So after being frisked 3, yes three, times by big security men, I made it on the flight. Bumpy and bad service concluded my horrible experience with Delta Airlines. EAT IT DELTA! Haha I am TOTALLY over it :) So I made it back about 830 PM Monday night, only 21 hours behind schedule and one more day of not knocking. All things said and done, we will laugh about it in the future and we literally made so many memories that cannot be overlooked. The trip was so much fun and we love all you that helped us in any way during it. I added it up and I spent aver 45 hours sitting in airports or on flights over the weekend. I wish you all happy travels. Kinda. Well, not really. :)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Drama in the Bathroom!!

So this morning I was happily woke up by the familiar tune of Alexa calling me... however the person on the other end of the phone wasn't so happy. I guess in the hustle and bustle of getting ready in the morning, Alexa had a confrontation with her hairdryer. They duked it out, but eventually Alexa got her butt kicked and took a nice whack in the eye causing stitches and a hightened level of excitement. :) Okay in all seriousness, She pulled on her hairdryer and the plug cut her face open, and here are the awesome pictures to prove it. Keep smiling my love, now that we have a blog EVERYBODY will see our mishaps. haha. Until then, stay classy San Diego.

Monday, July 28, 2008


Well if you ask Alexa, it FINALLY came. However I thought that the timing was perfect and we are (finally) getting hitched. I (sean) have known for quite some time that Alexa was the absolute love of my life and finally mustered up the courage and bit the bullet... and I freaking couldn't be any happier. We plan on a December wedding somewhere in Utah and details are surely forthcoming. Well, we are bloggers now. Enough said.
I figured I would tell my version of the engagement... So I am in Indiana this summer working for APX and Alexa is amazing and comes out to see me every 3 or 4 weeks. during her trips, we generally go out to eat a lot and more or less hang out with James and Megan. When she first came out here, a co-worker of Alexa's gave her a list of fun things to do in Indiana. I didn't know such things existed... but among the museums and things was a place called Amish Acres. It was about an hour away and it was a retired Amish farm turned tourist attraction. After 2 trips out here and with the engagement awaiting, I decided that I would surprise her by taking her to Amishland. She was so stoked! Walking around the 200 year old homes and around this farm was amazing. The tours were interesting and we had a great time learning and just being around each other. After one of the tours, we were free to walk all around the farm. We entered into a 200 year old tiny house and found ourselves alone. I sat down on an old rocking chair and brought her to sit on my lap. After a few minutes of talking, I dropped the question and pulled out her ring from my jeans pocket. It was burning a hole in it all day and I just couldn't wait any longer. I am pretty sure she was surprised and I am just so lucky that she said yes. :)