Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I live for gorgeous fall weather in Utah. The temperature is always perfect and the mountains have such splendor. Unfortunately, it never lasts long enough...I just walked outside and it is snowing quarter-sized flakes. Just in time for Halloween right?! Ha! Anyway, we recently have done some fun things that I thought I would share.

*Pumpkin Patch*

Right down the road from us there is a super cute pumpkin patch! We decided it would be fun to take both Hattie and Erica to see the pumpkins and the animals. Erica wasn't too thrilled about it but we still had an enjoyable time and Manhattan loved it!

*New Tradition*

Sean and I both love Honeycrisp Apples. If you haven't tried them you REALLY need to--they are AmAzInG! With the purchase of them, I thought it would be fun to start making caramel apples every year around Halloween. We love the cinnamon sugar apple from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory so we thought we'd give it a whirl! They turned out yummy but not very pretty. Ha! I'm sure over the years they will start looking better :)

Happy {late} Birthday!

This cute little guy is now 26 years old!

Happy Birthday Sean--we love you so very much and are so grateful for all that you do for us!


Alexa & Hattie :)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Umm...Yeah...It's been a while...

It's been quite some time since I have done a post on...well...us...the Pack's. Do you remember us? Probably not! HA!

I am going to start with Hattie's monthly highlights. What have we missed? Months 7, 8 and 9? Wow. I'm a loser. And please know that I do this for me more than anyone. She grows and changes SO fast and I like to remember all of the little things she did.


-Tried Cheerios for the first time

-Climbs up the stairs like a champ and climbed the entire staircase by herself.

-Finally she went to size 2 diapers! Haha!

-When she would look at herself in the mirror she started "kissing the baby" or "giving the baby kisses"

-She took her first road trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico. There she went on her first hike and was SUPER good the entire time. We had a great time!

-She cut her first tooth on the bottom right.

-She started to give "high-five" and started pointing with her index fingers on the same day

-Started CLIMBING on everything! I turned around one day and she was on standing on a small ABC bench and then climbed onto a chair next to it! Such a daring girl.

-Has a total sweet tooth and "begs" for sweets.


-All the Pack's (minus Dan = "Danless Reunion") took a trip to St. George and we swam all weekend! She loved the water and warm sunshine. Oh yeah and we only took ONE picture. Ridiculous.

-Daddy finished painting and staining her high chair and she ate in it for the first time. She really likes her independence.

-She stood on her own for the first time and even "danced" a little!

-She said her first word "Uh-oh" and says it all the time.

-Waves "bye-bye" for the first time.

-Kylie and Daniel came to visit. She misses them and loves playing with them when they come to town!

-She cut her 2nd bottom tooth--too cute! :)


Height: 29 inches - 90.36%
Weight: 15 lbs 14 oz - 6.21%
Head: 19.09 inches - 31.48 %

-At her nine month appointment we discovered she is pretty darn tiny for her age. The doctor said not to worry, that it is complete genetics, and she is as healthy as can be. They also checked her iron level and she was 1 point off from having to be on a supplement so we have really tried to increase her meat and bean intake so that her iron levels rise.

-She now can drink from a straw! Her first time was with a Smoothie King Angel Food Smoothie! YUMMY! Thanks Daddy :)

-She climbed onto the trunk in our family room and thought she was just oh so clever.

-She can now open all of the cupboards and drawers and has so much fun pulling everything out. She is very inquisitive and loves to "help" momma.

-She started to say MEEOWW. She loves animals but especially Phoenix my mom's cat. Every time she see's her she says MEEOOOOWWW! HA!

-She also says: Uh-oh, Dada, nana, baba, and all sorts of sweet babbles but REFUSES to say Momma! No kidding! I'm convinced she does it to spite me. HA!

-She has so much fun turning on and off the light switches

-She now sits on her cute little feet when playing with toys and things. The first time she did it I almost cried because she looks so big when she does it.

-She is cutting her four top teeth! Her two front teeth have now cut through and the others are not far behind. {Teething is not fun by the way}

-She has so much fun doing flips with Daddy! She will throw herself back time and time again!

-She now helps turn the pages when we read stories.

-She mostly waves bye-bye but it's definitely on her terms--NEVER when asked and only if she likes you, HA!

-She now shares her food among other things.

-She got her first ear infection. Man oh man it was miserable! She was sick with a 104 degree fever for 4 days!

-She started clapping her hands and now does it when you ask her to wave. HA!

-She now walks with you while only holding onto one of your hands. She also loves walking with her push toy all around the house.

-She fell asleep in her high chair for the first time

Ahhh...okay! I'm glad that's done--now I'm not feeling so guilty. More to come :)