Thursday, November 20, 2008

Wedding.. T-Minus 16 Days.

So today is the 20th of freaking November, and that means that I... errrrr WE are getting married in 16 DAYS. Holy mother-of-pearl, this is getting crazy. Alexa is meeting with the wedding planner as we speak, while I am upstairs playing on facebook or checking out steep and cheap... ya know, the REALLY important things pertaining to the wedding. But the plans are rockin, and my beautiful bride is doing such an amazing job of handling all the stresses of the wedding. As for myself, I am just plain excited. Oh, and before I go on, I am sorry it has been so long between posts, here is a shout out to all our followers on this blessed website. Hey Followers. Anyway, back to the present, a lot has been going on with us lately and here is the shortened update. Alexa works a lot. She is surviving at Directpointe and I try to match her work schedule with my own. Constantly making calls and setting appointments trying to sell people insurance has its ups and downs, but I am really throwing all my effort into it and starting to see some success. But back to the wedding, we are starting to receive gifts via mail and such and its like Christmas everyday... ummm awesome? We are so blessed to have such amazing friends and family that are so generous and giving. But either way, presents are cool... the only issue, which consequently leads into my next blogging topic is where to put them...? Oh wait I know the answer, how about our new place? yay! We found a small basement apartment in Springville to rent a few weeks back that will love having Prada (yes, our Yorkie is named Prada) around. It will be so nice to finally be out from the parents' houses and establish our life together. Being about 15 minutes from Provo will allow that much needed separation and we are stoked. The place is tiny however. Alexa just took me over to Downeast Home to show me a kitchen table she really liked and I will post a picture of it. This was my exact thought, is this a little kids table for imaginary tea and crumpets? I am sorry babe, and I appreciate you trying to find something for our needs :) anyway, enjoy the picture. But the moral of the story is that we are elated to be married, and I love my soon to be wife (Pictured Below)