Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail

Part 1 of 2

Okay, so I am sick of Easter not being blogged so I am doing it. I am doing it with only some of pictures and the inability to create any picture collages because yep, you guessed it, FULL Mr. MacBook. Annoying! And it's my own fault...hmmm...I'm still blaming the MacBook...and you should too.

On Saturday evening we celebrated with our Ward. They put together a lovely evening complete with an Easter egg hunt for the kiddo's (Hattie's first of 3!) and a yummy dinner. Before dinner the Bishop spoke about the empty egg that was found during the hunt and how it represented the empty tomb. It just reminded us all of how He is RISEN and THAT is what celebrating Easter is all about. I loved that analogy and want to incorporate this "empty egg" during the hunt into our family traditions.

Okay STOP right there! Do you see the "Hattie" Bunny Basket? It's so cute, right?! I have to tell this story! So I procrastinated (gasp!) a little bit this year and hadn't found a sweater to go with my new Easter dress. So on Saturday afternoon before the party I went on the hunt to find one. My first stop was DownEast Outfitters. It honestly was meant to be because right there in the VERY FRONT of the store in a basket sitting on the VERY TOP of a pile of bunny baskets was THE HATTIE bunny basket. I was so beyond thrilled! I grabbed it, may have jumped up and down a little, and yelled to the cashier "This is my daughter's name!" She wasn't as excited as I was, which let me down a little, but VERY exciting nonetheless. Oh, and did I mention that the bunny baskets were on clearance for $2? (Insert more jumping and a little flailing of arms here)
Love how she holds it like a purse
On Sunday morning the Easter bunny came! As soon as Hattie woke up I pulled Sean out of bed and we all went downstairs to see what we got. **Disclaimer: Mr. Pack did get me an AMAZING Easter basket but no pictures are allowed to be taken of me on Sunday morning. Or any morning for that matter. The contents of the basket will be blogged about in post 2 of 2**

I made her bloomers to match her dress
Nothing is cuter than a ruffle bum.

To be continued...


Ashley Russell said...

You should of posted pictures of you, I am sure you looked amazing as usual, plus have you seen some of the pictures I have posted? LOL. But I guess I look like that alot so what the heck what you see is what you get :) Good job on keeping your blog so cute and updated. Your my inspiration! Ash

Colby and Hilary said...

Okay, can I say that I loved this post!! It is totally you!! It was like I was there with you in downeast!! Your little girl is a doll. Glad to see you are doing well.