Friday, May 6, 2011

Hopping Down the Bunny Trail

Part 2 of 2

We spent Easter Sunday with both of our families. Can I just say that it is SO NICE both families live within 15 minutes of each other?! What a blessing! Of course we had such a wonderful time with everyone and as usual ate way. too. much. We really like eating. Like a lot. And it's starting to show! HA!

Our first family visit was to Grandma Suzie's for brunch. As soon as we got there I told my mom everything had to wait until after we ate because I was S.T.A.R.V.I.N.G. This lady can't wait too long to eat or she gets SUPER cranky REALLY fast. Like .0258732 seconds fast. Mr. Pack can attest to my psychoness. We ate RIGHT after I took pictures of the food...I may have stolen 2 deviled eggs before they were even blessed. Shhh! Don't tell.

World's BEST Banana Cream Pie. Thanks Mom :)
After we ate I felt much better and agreed that we could move on to some other festivities. We all found our Easter baskets that the Bunny left us and then finished with a quick egg hunt (Hattie's second of three!) before church. It was here that Mr. Pack TOTALLY outdid me this year. I received a gift certificate for a 60 minute relaxation massage AND in the very last egg I opened (one of these eggs is not like the other...) I found a voucher (that he made) for me to redeem a 5-7 night cruise for the two of us! I was SO SURPRISED!!!! He is a total keeper I tell ya! I don't know how I EVER got so lucky.

Have I mentioned where Hattie's dress is from?
Deseret Industries (a Utah thrift store)
$2.50 for this little vintage gem! All of those savings earned her
a very pretty (and pricey!) headband to match! HA!

The timeless yet elegant
"Stand in front of a Pretty Tree and Squint at the Camera Pose"
Email me if you would like step-by-step instructions on how to achieve amazing results!

Now, I am going to continue BUT will break several cardinal rules of being a "Blogging Mommy" in the process...

I mentioned that we spent time with both families right? Well...I may have forgotten the camera to capture all the moments.
Cardinal rule #1: Always take your camera with you and take pictures of anything and everything. FAIL!
To help you through the rest of our Easter happenings I will now proceed to steal pictures from another blog to make my blog seem legit.
Cardinal rule #2: Never use another blogger's pictures to make your blog seem legitimate. FAIL! (But thanks Shara for the pics!)

After church we headed up to The Pack's which included much more yummy food (Salmon, Spinach Strawberry Salad, Amazing Strawberry Pie...yum!) more fun gifts from the Bunny (Princess Cookbook, a bunny, and a sunflower grow kit) and another Easter egg hunt (Hattie's third of three! and by this time I think she was a little burnt out, ha!) We also made a good attempt to get a cousin pic of the 3 girls in their dresses but of course MY child just wasn't having it. I think it's the age...she never, EVER sits still! (Do those child leashes work? Hmmm...)

Through all the candy, craziness and surprise cruises I want us not to forget what is most important about Easter: Christ.

What a memorable Easter it was for us this year.

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Crystal said...

I can attest to the "I'm starving attitude"....oh fond memories from the good ole days. ;)