Monday, May 30, 2011

Tubby Time with Daddy

On the weekends Sean is especially helpful with Hattie. Because he isn't home a lot (full-time work and school) he always wants to go in and wake her in the mornings and loves to get her ready for the day. Getting her ready of course includes a bath. Hattie has bath crayons and Sean will draw pictures for her to her hearts content. I always laugh when I go in there to see what they've created. This is what I found one day...

Some very detailed Hieroglyphs
A Tree, A House and...
A Horse? Haha! :)
He is such an amazing father and husband and I appreciate him taking the time to help me out whenever he can. I love finding little things like this throughout the day that always bring a smile to my face :)

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melissa marie said...

that is so sweet alexa. isn't it amazing how your love changes for your husband once you have children. it is amazing. what a sweet daddy.