Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Finger Painting Fun

For Mother's day I wanted to give both of the Grandmas something handmade from Hattie. Because she is still young, we are a little limited in our choices for crafts. I saw this idea on my cute friend Shawnee's blog and thought it was absolutely PERFECT for a busy little bee and a very OCD mommy. Finger Painting in the "tubby tub!"

Naturally there was a taste test. Yes, it was non-toxic.

I think she LOVED it!

Look what you let me do mom!

After she finished her masterpieces I wanted them to make more of a statement. I saw this idea here and thought it would a great way to complete the project.

See how good they turned out?! I was SO excited in fact that I didn't even notice Hattie had been creative and created a MUTANT HAND! I was nearly in tears when Mr. Pack pointed out her EXTRA pointer finger THE NIGHT before Mother's day AFTER they had already been sealed. The perfectionist in me wanted to die. The mom in me thought it was funny. Sort of. Oh well, that's how it goes sometimes, right? Plus, I knew my mom would understand. She would have to.

My child is not an Alien. Promise.


Bridget said...

You are such a cute Mommy! The mutant hand is adorable. :) I think it just ads to the cuteness of it.


Those are so cute! I bet the "gramma's" loved them!

preston. shawnee. cohen. said...

So cute Alexa!!! Isn't it so fun to just watch them explore and try new things?? I'm glad she liked it. And sixth finger is hilarious, and adorable. I'm sure your mom just loved it. But.... the perfectionist in me totally would have felt the same way!