Monday, October 3, 2011

St. George Marathon 2011

So I live with a pretty crazy Mister. Crazy AWESOME that is. This past weekend we packed up that car and traveled down to St. George so that Mr. Pack could run the St. George Marathon with 7,500 other crazy people. I honestly don't know how anybody can physically, mentally or emotionally run 26.2 miles and the Mr. did it without ANY training--well, unless you consider running the Red Rock Relay a few weeks prior to the marathon your "training" which soooo doesn't count. This is the second marathon that he has ran and the second marathon he hasn't trained for and the last marathon he will run WITHOUT training. It simply takes too much out of him. So, he finished at 4:14 which is SO AMAZING but not quite what he wanted--he was hoping for a sub 4. Regardless of his time, we are so SUPER proud of Mr. Pack and his athleticism. What's next on the horizon for Mr. Pack? Training for an Iron Man. Umm...see...I told you he was crazy, HA!

Sorry these are all proofs! We are still waiting for them to upload
all of the pictures before purchasing the rights to them.
Not to mention I took some pretty crappy one handed pictures due to the
holding of a sleeping toddler as he crossed the finish line.
Hopefully my cheering made up for the lack of pictures :)

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