Wednesday, October 19, 2011

20 Weeks - Half way there!

So I've been kinda cranky this week and haven't wanted to take a you get this cute little profile instead.
P.S. her profile looks just like Hattie's did!

Pregnancy Highlights:
How far Along: 20 weeks
Size of baby: Length of a banana. She is in the 56th percentile, weighs almost a pound and measuring a few days early :)
Total Weight Gain/Loss: + 6 lbs
Maternity clothes: Busted out the leggings and lovin' it!
Gender: It's a GIRL!
Movement: She moves a lot at night just like her big sis :)
Sleep: I've been sleeping pretty good!
What I miss: Not having heartburn
Cravings: This week I HAD.TO.HAVE. chocolate pudding. I made some from scratch and it was absolutely terrible so angrily I threw it out. The Mr. asked what he could do to help and I responded in my demon pregnant lady voice "Go find me pudding!" (I know...not nice...I have since apologized to the Mr. for being a demon pregnant lady) Thank you to my sis-in-law Shara for having a box of instant pudding and saving this crazy pregnant gal :)
Symptoms: NO MORE ZOFRAN! (this week anyway, yay!) and megga, MAJOR heartburn (boo!)
Best Moment this Week: Going to our 20 week appointment and seeing the little cutie bug

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