Tuesday, October 11, 2011

19 Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights:
How far Along: 19 weeks
Size of baby: Size of an heirloom tomato
Total Weight Gain/Loss: + 6 lbs
Maternity clothes: Busted out the leggings and lovin' it!
Gender: It's a GIRL!
Movement: She moves a lot at night just like her big sis :)
Sleep: I've been sleeping pretty good!
What I miss: Sleeping on my stomach and having a waistline (am I allowed to say that? ha!)
Cravings: I haven't had Mexican food in about a week and I'm definitely NEEDING it about now. Taco Amigo anyone? :)
Symptoms: I'm still taking Zofran for nausea but not every day. Also, the heartburn has definitely kicked in--NOT fun!
Best Moment this Week: Feeling her move more and more


kelsey and murray said...

ill meet you at taco amigo! you are adorable as always :)

Bridget said...

Super cute as usual! I can't believe you are 19 weeks! Yay, about half way there!
PS I swear leggings are better than oreos somedays, and that's saying something.

Ben N Nessa said...

how fun! you are DARLING :) can't wait to meet her!

Ross n Jen said...

Leggings?! You and I are no longer friends. I don't look good in those even when I'm NOT pregnant!