Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bithdays and Puppies!

Yesterday was Sean's birthday and for weeks I had been dreading the thought of having to go out searching for a gift for Mr. Picky Pack. I had thought of a few different things but nothing seemed quite good enough. After much thought and deliberation I decided to take a risk and buy him a little Yorkie puppy! As many of you know my family has a Yorkie named Starlette and close to eight weeks ago she had 2 little girl puppies (sadly one died shortly after she was born). I have been wanting a Yorkie of my own for so long--as I can't take the family dog when we get married--and Sean and I had discussed getting one in about a year or so because he absolutely loves Starlette and wouldn't mind a small dog in the house. Well much to his surprise I worked it out with my mom to buy the puppy from her for Sean's birthday. So with much excitement we are pleased to welcome to the future Pack clan the adorable Little Precious Prada Pack! Happy Birthday baby! You are the best! I love you!!!


Lignell Family said...

Good choice on the present!! I love my Yorkie they have the best personality!! Hope all the Birthday partying was fun!!

Kyle and Brittany Peterson said...

Way to go! Can Buddha be a cousin?

The Bentleys said...

AH! Your puppy is SO DARLING!!

PS were going private so stop by some time and leave your email address... if you want

rOxaNne bRaDfoRd said...

cutttte pup! cutttte couple!! sean, im glad alexa made your bday super great!!

good luck with your engagement doubt they will be super hot :)