Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Latest and Greatest

So I am home. How nice! I really underestimated how difficult this summer was going to be away from my bride but now that it is over, I couldn't be any happier. I got home last weekend and we have had a great week together. Being home again makes me realize how much planning there really is in a wedding, and I am really glad that Alexa has taken the reins and really done so much without me. I am really proud of her, and December 6th can't come any faster. So a few freaking exciting things have been happening as of late... 1. My best friend James Simmons' sister Jessica Robinson won a million dollars on Deal or No Deal!!! What? Yeah, seriously. It has been really hard keeping it a secret for quite some time but how awesome is that? James found out when we were in Indiana from some random kid that happened to be at the taping and recognized James' mom. Random, but awesome. We were so stoked to watch it. 2. Well, maybe this should be number one (sorry babe) but WE ARE GETTING MARRIED IN 3 MONTHS FROM TODAY! Holy! Last night, both sets of parents joined us for dinner at my favorite Thai food place here in Provo, Bangkok Grill, for a little meet and greet. I think things went pretty well and the food was delish. Alexa was a little nervous pre-dinner, but I kept my finger out of my nose and hopefully didn't embarrass myself or family too much. :) 3. My little niece is the cutest thing in the world. Kaylee really grew a lot over the summer and I was so stoked to see her again. She is all over Shane and Shara's blog if you are interested in checking her out, but seriously, such a doll. She is running around everywhere and talking up a storm--- most of which is in a lost ancient language that someday I hope to understand. Ha, but really, I can't wait to spoil the crap out of her with ice cream and things once she is a little older. Going along with talking about the other Pack's, they find out what their baby's sex will be this next week. Theoretically, that should be number 4, but since it is along the same thought/family, I am lumping it together. Well as I sit here and wait for Alexa to get ready for the day, I am just so lucky and thankful for my life. Its pretty sweet how things are working out and I thought I would share. Sorry its not funny this time, wait, hopefully you found the other posts funny or I am an idiot. Anyways, Later Skater.

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hey alexa! i'm so glad you guys have a blog :) now ican check up on your cute lil newlyweds to be! i hope to see you this month too!! :)