Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I have hesitated blogging lately because I feel like we don't have much going on right now. We've definitely stayed pretty busy with finalizing all the wedding details and now are just waiting for the big day to arrive! We cannot wait! We had our engagement pictures taken a few weeks back and they look absolutely AmAzInG. We could not be any happier with them--a big thank you to our photographer Randy. Our invitations arrived and look great--now it's just a matter of addressing all 400 of them--what a daunting task! We ordered the favor boxes and we just need to fill them with all the fine chocolates we bought--if I don't eat them all first :) Bridesmaids dresses arrived earlier than anticipated and they look absolutely beautiful on all the gals. Speaking of dresses, a funny thing happened at my dress fitting--I almost fainted! Yeah, what a joke! I had my dress on and the two wonderful seamstresses were pinning and tucking all around me and all of a sudden I got really hot--my dress is a beautiful, thick duchess silk and it's very heavy and very hot--and I looked in the mirror in front of me and I was completely WHITE. I told the women to stop what they were doing and hurried and sat down with my head in between my legs. It was ridiculous! My mom asked the dressmaker if she had ever had any brides faint on her before and she said, "Too many to count!" It was pretty funny and luckily we are getting married when it's freezing out! Other than that little incident everything is going much smoother than I could have ever planned. I'm sure there will be little things popping up in the next few weeks but I'm a lot less stressed than I thought I would be.

OH! I forgot to mention...Sean is a ROCKSTAR and passed his insurance exam that he had been studying so hard for! He is super stoked to start working in the industry and we are all so proud of him. Way to go babe!

Lastly we have a very cute but very evil little dog. She is having a very difficult time with understanding the word "NO!" Ah! I am going crazy! Heard of The Devil wears Prada? I've got a new one for you: The Devil IS Prada! She doesn't like to have bows in her hair or wear any type of sweater or dress. Anything that she has in her mouth she FREAKS out if you try and take it from her. As tiny and cute as she is she has definitely got one big personality. I think we are going to have to hire Cesar or find a dog trainer that can help us because we are at our wits end with her.


Colby and Hilary said...

I am so excited for you!!!! Being married is the best! Glad to see all the wedding planning is going good!

Simmons Family said...

They say big things come in small packages...that's what you get for buying a small dog-ATTITUDE! Glad to her she's your biggest problem right now though. Can't wait to see the invitations.