Friday, August 8, 2008

Murphy's Law

So I thought I would write a very short summary (ha) of our amazing trip to Texas this past weekend. One of my best friends from high school was getting hitched and so Alexa and I made the journey down south... pretty simple right? A few frequent flyer miles were so graciously donated by my future mother-in-law and everything was according to plan... until I got to the airport. The fun begins. Here is a rough time line in a non time line and more list-like form. My flight was cancelled, Alexa’s plane wouldn’t let her on because of “heat restrictions” (yeah, basically that means that the airline was full of horses feces and over booked the flight), tears (Alexa), flight to Houston, wait 6 hours for Alexa to land in Houston at 3 AM, lost baggage, almost more tears (Alexa), problems with rental cars, finally leave the airport after 4:30 AM to sleep for 5 hours before returning to airport, still no bag, more welling-up with tears (Alexa), find the bag randomly in front of random airport office, happy, no rental car, sad, DANE AND JULIE SAVING US, and finally leaving the airport. See, it was kinda list-like. So once again, thank you Dane and Julie for bailing us out. We ate at one of my favorite restaurants (Papasitos) and saw a very select few people before quickly getting ready and going to the wedding. The wedding was absolutely beautiful. Kim looked amazing and you could really tell how much in love those two were. They did a really classy ceremony and the reception was fantastic. I got to see some great old friends and all in all Alexa and I had a blast dancing and seeing everyone. Sunday came waaaay too fast and once again, the problems arise. We needed to rent a car, and that would have been fine, however that wasn’t going to happen because wells fargo is about as gay as aids and loves to lie to their customers. Anyways, we were stranded in Sugar Land without a car and a long list of people that we would love to see. Top on that list was Brodie and Jennika, whom we were really excited to pop in on and see. There were few people who I could call to help us out of our jam and when I texted Brodie and he immediately called, I was so relieved when he offered to help. We absolutely hate being a burden on ANYONE and they really helped us. They picked us up, we went to Papadeaux, and they took us to the airport. It was a lot of fun for such a short amount of time. So we got to the airport, ready to head back to our respective destinations when Murphy came back to visit. So here we go. Alexa got on the flight back to Utah with little tension at all. I watched her walk down the tarmac and out of my life for about 4 hours. Ha. She made it safely home. I wasn’t as lucky. After waiting for my late plane for about an hour, we headed toward my layover destination in beautiful Atlanta. Of course as I land, I see my connecting flight to Indianapolis being pushed away from our gate next door. Perfect. This is what ensued. 2 hour wait to talk with customer service about getting to Indiana, 2 hour wait for “free” shuttle to the comp’ed hotel, bed at 3 AM. What a joke. It gets better. The next morning I go to check for my 1 PM flight at 1030 AM only to find that I don’t actually have a real ticket for the flight. My flight information was corrupted or some BS and I stood there while this guy typed and typed and typed into the computer screen that nobody but him could ever see. He must have been blogging because 35 minutes later he finally called over his boss, who in turn called his boss and eventually got me on the flight. Mind you at this point it is 1210 PM. My flight is boarding in 20 minutes and I am not through security. So after being frisked 3, yes three, times by big security men, I made it on the flight. Bumpy and bad service concluded my horrible experience with Delta Airlines. EAT IT DELTA! Haha I am TOTALLY over it :) So I made it back about 830 PM Monday night, only 21 hours behind schedule and one more day of not knocking. All things said and done, we will laugh about it in the future and we literally made so many memories that cannot be overlooked. The trip was so much fun and we love all you that helped us in any way during it. I added it up and I spent aver 45 hours sitting in airports or on flights over the weekend. I wish you all happy travels. Kinda. Well, not really. :)

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rOxaNne bRaDfoRd said...

ohhhh my goodness!!!!!!! i cant believe that even your trip HOME was terrible!!! Boo :( I'm so sad that the Texas vacay was such a hassle. And I'm SO sorry I couldn't help you out more. I was at the mercy of my parents' vehicles :( Anyway- lovvve you guys, SO glad I got to see you!, and tell Alexa she's awesome :)