Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Soccer Game and Such

So these last few weeks have been a lot of fun for us and I (sean) thought I would share a little here and there, as well as post a few pictures. From our last post, you can see our little baby Prada. she is such a little thing and she is such a fun dog. The gift was way too much from Alexa, but seriously how cool is that? When we were at Petsmart buying her little pink crate and pink collar with some bling, I had to look back at myself and laugh a little. I felt compelled to comment about the very masculine and manly dog that we had recently purchased. ha. but seriously it was a great birthday and I love little Prada. And no, I didnt pick the name. I would have gone for Bruiser or Spike. haha no really, she is such a little Prada it's ridiculous. This past weekend Alexa and I had the priviledge of hanging out with the Stevo's, which is always a ton of fun. We went to the Real game against Chivas and I gotta say, soccer needs to figure out more ways to score or something. A 1-0 loss on a crappy play where the goalie and defender run into each other and the chivas attack run the ball into the goal is not a real way to win. Its kinda like that BYU game a few weeks back, who really wants to win on a handout? Anyways, it was great to see the Stevo's and meet little Andie. She was a trooper during the game and such a doll. A few pics will surely follow this post. But as far as us, we are both battling a wicked head cold as of late. I am not sure how I got the cold to begin with as Alexa's family all had it excluding Alexa... and sure enough after I am sick for a day and a half, she gets it. I am feeling better alread but Alexa is hitting the brunt of it as we speak, so feel better babe! Sorry... Other than that high note, we have our engagement pictures on the 3rd so we are pretty jacked about that. I just cant wait to be married to her. Anyways, have a great day!


The Westovers said...

WOW! I am impressed with him all ready! good job sean for being involved with the blogging! Hey Alexa it was fun seeing wveryone the other day! I found your blog! yeah for blogging! Sean's adorable! I'm so excited for you to join the married club! You look fantastic by the way:)

Simmons Family said...

Ok so isn't 1 month and 4 weeks until the wedding really more like 2 months? I got really confused when I read that cause I swore it was in December. Anyways, you 2 remind me of Magan with her dog. I'm laughing at both of you :) The puppy is cute though and a good training tool for kids-either way you'll have your hands full. Good luck with the pics!