Friday, February 24, 2012

A Bedroom for Two

I finally got around to making the finishing touches on the girls bedroom. Lucky for us we pretty much had everything girl from Hattie's nursery and the only big purchases made were a big girl bed (which still has yet to be slept in...ha!) and the Expedit bookcase. I bought a few little things here and there and made the letters that hang above Holden's crib but other than that I just moved stuff around. I can only imagine if we were had been having a boy--oh man! Things definitely would have been a lot more stressful (and a lot less PINK!) around the Pack household :)

LOVE the Expedit bookcase in the closet! It gave us so much more storage space!
No, unfortunately there really is nowhere else to put momma's shoes...

Hattie's quilt is one that I had growing up that I got from my Grandmother
I will soon change this out to a picture of both my girls :)

Found this little wreath in the Target Dollar section the other day
Pink tray and blue birdie also from the Target Dollar section

I still LOVE the AMAZING job Mr. Pack did on the crib! He spent countless hours refinishing it!
The bedding / curtains were sewn by my mom when I was pregnant with Hattie and they are even more beautiful in person.

Bows much? This isn't even half of them...ha!


Bridget said...

OHhhhh!! It is darling!!! That quilt your grandma made for you is priceless, and Holden's bedding is beautiful! I can't believe you only have two more days! We'll be thinking of you guys. :)
I love their room, it is just precious! I still feel like we don't have very much "girly" stuff yet, and while Elli's room is starting to come together it is still pretty bare. But I'm excited to finally be able to start collecting frilly things!!!
Good luck Monday!


Such a pretty room for your little girls! I can't wait to see her! Good luck - I will have you in my prayers!

Jeff and Rani May said...

GORGEOUS ROOM! Love the pale yellows and pinks; it all goes perfectly! :)