Thursday, February 2, 2012

35 Weeks

I'll be's getting harder and harder to post these pics.
Hopefully she comes early so we don't have to get to 40 weeks...ha!

Pregnancy Highlights:
How far Along: 35 weeks
Size of baby: Size of a Cantaloupe
Total Weight Gain/Loss: + 20 lbs (Yeah I gained 5 pounds in 2 weeks...that was a really fun day at the scale)
Maternity clothes: Not yet! I've decided things better keep fitting these last few weeks cause it's not worth buying anything now :)
Gender: It's a GIRL! Holden Claire Pack
Movement: You can tell she's getting a little crammed in there but still moves like a champ
Sleep: I'm still sleeping really well...I just don't get enough of it!
What I miss: Lately I'm missing my pre-pregnancy body. Now, I'm NOT saying that I've EVER had some killer body because I KNOW didn't--I never even got back to my pre-prego weight after I had Hattie. But, I'm a girl, and I like to feel un-whale like. I just miss being able to wear ALL the clothes in my closet and I miss looking in the mirror and seeing "me" and not just a "belly". Pretty please don't get me wrong--I am SO SUPER BLESSED to have had a normal, healthy pregnancy so far and the entire 9 month process is truly a MIRACLE and I cannot WAIT to hold another beautiful baby girl in my arms--but for me, it's hard to watch my body change.
Cravings: Pizza, pizza, pizza. Now, understand this: I NEVER used to like Pizza much, BUT this entire pregnancy I've never turned it down. Not once. And I love it. Like, a lot of it. My faves? Papa Murphy's deLite Chicken Bacon Artichoke pizza and Domino's Chicken Bacon Tomato (create your own) thin crust pizza.
Symptoms: Feeling very whale like at this point. Pretty sure my bum (yes, you read that right) grew overnight and I never was lacking in that area to begin with, prego or not, ha! At least the Mr. likes a little junk in the trunk. Maybe it's all that pizza...hmmm! LOL!


Cristina said...

I totally get what you're saying about your body changing. But, if it's any consolation, even if you don't feel like it, you look great!!

Bridget said...

Oh hun, I have already gained 20 lbs and I'm almost 10 weeks behind you. 10!!
Haha, but I was the same way with both of the boys, so hopefully it will all come off again eventually.
All well, they are worth it.
And I know you feel huge, but you look gorgeous!!
And I know just what you mean about getting your body back. Is there anything in this world that could mean as much to share? It's a big deal, and while it is a blessing, it's hard! Pregnancy does crazy things... everywhere.
You are getting so close!
Now I need pizza!

Ross n Jen said...

Thank goodness you're FINALLY gaining some weight! I was sick and tired of seeing the plus 6 stinkin' pounds! Hee hee! Nothing wrong with pregnancy weight!