Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Nester

Hooray for nesting! There have been SO many things on my "nice to do list" that are finally getting accomplished! I attribute it all to the fact that I am 8 months pregnant and my nesting has kicked into overdrive! Mr. Pack just looks at me and shakes his head (and I know he thinks I'm absolutely nuts) but he knows better than to stop the crazed Nester.

The Pantry:
This was a virtually no cost transformation (I say transformation because it was a horrific site before - unfortunately there is no "before" pic) All I bought were the 3 large jars for my Flour, Sugar and Brown Sugar and 2 tall containers for Hattie's snacks.

I bought these pantry labels on GroopDealz ages ago and finally put them to use!

The Hall Closet:
This was a no cost transformation and a much needed one to boot (I'm debating about putting up the embarrassing before pic...) No, it's not exactly the way I would have it in a perfect world BUT I'll be honest, it was nice not having to spend a dime! Now everything has a place (and not to mention a label, ha!)

Next on my list is the Girl's room. It still needs some major decorating help and I REALLY need to tackle their closet. Pictures to come! :)

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