Monday, January 16, 2012

33 Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights:
How far Along: 33 weeks - 49 days to go! :)
Size of baby: Size of a Pineapple
Total Weight Gain/Loss: + 15 lbs
Maternity clothes: Not yet! But considering buying some more STRETCHY PANTS
Gender: It's a GIRL! Holden Claire Pack
Movement: She moves all over the place. I love watching my belly roll all around--it makes me laugh! :)
Sleep: I've been sleeping pretty good but am definitely taking more trips to the bathroom
What I miss: Working out. Because I get so sick my first 20 weeks the workouts go out the window so I'm really excited to get back into my old routines. We just bought a double stroller/jogger and I can't wait to use it with the girls!
Cravings: A lot of chocolate lately. It always sounds SO GOOD! I'm making chocolate chip cookies tonight, ha!
Symptoms: Kidney stones. Yeah, not fun. I've never had them before and I hope to never get them again. I was worried it was some type of early labor because I was in a lot of pain all day and so we ended up having to go to the Hospital after going to my OB. When we first arrived I went straight to Labor and Delivery and they checked to make sure that everything was okay with little Holden. She was GREAT! She was moving all over the place and they had a hard time keeping the monitors in one place! Ha! Once we knew everything was okay with baby, we went down to the ER. After doing some different tests they sent me in for an Ultrasound. They did an ultrasound on my kidneys and sure enough saw a lot of swelling and knew it was kidney stones. The only FUN thing was that during the ultrasound the tech let me see Holden! How nice is that?! It was so fun and she is so cute--I think she'll look a lot like Hattie, we will see :) Anyway, kidney stones are painful and I feel so blessed they passed quickly!
Best Moment this Week: Seeing Holden's cute little face during my kidney stone ultrasound! I can't wait to meet this little gal :)


Vanessa said...

Isn't it crazy that during one of your worst moments (kidney stones) you had one of your best (seeing Holden)?!?!?! I think that's some sort of life lesson, huh? :) LOVE you and can't wait to meet your 2nd little girl! :)

melissa marie said...

Oh dear you are one beautiful pregnant woman. I'm very jealous! so sorry to hear about your Kidney stones, hope all is well now.

kelsey and murray said...

you look amazing alexa! so excited to see what miss holden looks like. i am sorry about the kidney stones, i hear most people compare the pain to labor. hopefully it gets better soon.

Alexa said...

You ladies are just the sweetest! You definitely know how to make a swollen prego girl feel pretty darn good :) It means more than you know, thank you!!!