Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Je t'aime

The month of love is always one of my favorites. I think it is so fun to give little gifts to those that mean most to you. This year I made Valentine's for all of Hattie's friends. They turned out so cute and it was so much fun delivering them.

Because Valentine's Day fell on a Monday, Sean and I decided it would be easier if we celebrated over the weekend. My mom took Hattie on Saturday afternoon and we headed up to Bucca di Beppo and it was SO YUMMY! We ate so much and still had plenty of leftovers to take home! We then went and saw the movie Just Go With It and it was pretty funny--a typical Adam Sandler movie though. :) Then, we were lucky enough to have my mom keep Manhattan overnight! It was nice to be able to get a full night's rest--yes, our child wakes up at least one time during the night and must have a full sippy cup of milk before going back down--UGH! In the morning I made breakfast in bed for Sean--yummy waffles with the BEST syrup that his brother Shane makes!

Just when I thought our Valentine's celebrations were over, on Monday Sean surprised me with 2 dozen gorgeous roses! Love :)

As a side note: You should check out the fun V-day shoot that I did with Amanda Hendrickson! I must say that it was so much fun to play dress up for a day--complete with hair, make-up and nails :) See them here: Part 1 and Part 2

Sure hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day! XOXOXO

L-O-V-E blocks that I made
Another project

Hattie's Valentine from Momma and Daddy
What was inside the mailbox? Shoes of course :)
Aren't they SO pretty?!

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Jeff and Rani May said...

SO pretty! You made the LOVE blocks? They are awesome! You should so post a how-to! I would love to try to make them. :)