Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sick Days

Today we have been lounging around in our jammies because Hattie and I have sick tummy's. We've taken a lot of naps, Mr. Pack has been a HUGE help in taking care of us, and I've tried getting some little chores done here and there so that my house isn't such a disaster zone! I am hoping we feel better by tomorrow so that we can enjoy our Labor Day.

While hanging up some of Hattie's clothes this afternoon, I came across two of her princess dresses that she got last Christmas. They were in the very back of her closet and I hadn't really remembered them. Well boy is somebody glad that I found them! I showed them to her and immediately she wanted to put them on. She trotted around in them until it was nap time and loved every minute of it. Who says you can't dress like a princess even when you're sick?

We've also been playing a lot with our new "tackpack" which is also known as a backpack. I've been wanting to get Hattie something to carry her things in for a while. The reason being that every single morning when we are rushing to get out the door Hattie has her hands FULL of little things that she wants to take with her: a washcloth, her piggy, two tiny little barbie brushes, her sippy cup, her babies, her name it, she wants to bring it. I thought of a purse as an option but decided a backpack would be bigger, more convenient and easier to carry. After doing some shopping around online I decided on this one. I think it's darling and she loves it too! I still want to get the front pocket monogrammed with her name, I just need to find a place who will do it.

Hope everyone is having a great long weekend!

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Cristina said...

Princess Hattie looks so cute playing dress up!! And, I love her tackpack! :)