Thursday, June 9, 2011

Goodnight Moon

Manhattan at 6 months old

Tonight my sweet Manhattan was having trouble going to sleep. I think it was a combination of a long day and a not so long nap. I let her cry for a little while before realizing that she wasn't going to go to sleep. I finished up my mopping, grabbed Goodnight Moon, and headed upstairs. When I opened the door she just lit up and immediately stopped crying--Mom's have special powers you know.

I took her out of her crib and we sat down in her rocking chair. We read through the nighttime favorite twice. Each time pointing to the mittens, kittens, comb, brush, and the little old lady whispering "hush." Rarely does she just she ever sit still so I was definitely soaking up this moment with my little girl.

After we were done reading, she proceeded to say "night-night" to everything in her room. "Night-night shoes." "Night-night bows." "Night-night piggy." "Night-night baby." "Night-night Prada." "Night-night table." "Night-night Mamma." Hearing her sweet little voice saying goodnight to her room just made me melt. I wanted to hold onto this moment forever and never let go. It brought tears to my eyes.

Soon the moment passed and she knew it was time for bed. I kissed her goodnight and closed her door. Realizing how much she is growing up is so bittersweet. Why can't I just stop time even just for a moment?

It's moments like these that I always want to remember.



So sweet! She just needed a little bit more time to say good night! So nice that you have a blog so that you won't ever forget such a precious moment!

Bridget said...

Awwwwww. That is so sweet! :) Love those moments! Hattie is such a doll (she has a great Mommy too!)

Shara said...

Yep you blink and they are big. The girls no longer love goodnight moon and it makes me sad.

Ashley Russell said...

You sure know how to make a prego girl feel good. It is so true that time flies, I can't believe how fast our little girls are turning into cute little toddlers :(. I do love this stage of Alivia's life. All the new words and funny things they do and say! Are you going to attempt potty training soon? I don't know if I will yet.