Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Date with Grandpa

This year my Grandpa Ayers was diagnosed with both Alzheimer's and Cancer. It's been a rough road to say the least. Because it's taking such a toll on things my thoughtful cousin suggested all of the local "older" grandchildren go visit him for a few hours at least once a month. This is not only good for us but it also gives my Grandma a little time away from home.

Can I just say that I am SO GRATEFUL that Hattie and I went and saw him a couple weeks ago? I had no idea how much both diseases were progressing. Here was my Grandpa, the one who remembered EVERYTHING and read 5 books a week asking me simple questions over and over. And here was my Grandpa, who used to be so big and strong, looking aged and frail. It absolutely broke my heart.

Needless to say it was good to just BE with him. He adores Manhattan and although he probably won't ever remember who she is for more than 5 minutes at a time, she definitely knows that he is "Pawpaw."

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