Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lifesavers: Baby Products

Well...there really isn't much to report as of late. We have all been sick in the Pack Clan the last little while and so life has been pretty boring lately. Poor Hattie has had horrible diarrhea and has the worst diaper rash! It is heartbreaking when she points to her diaper and says "OWEE!!!" Ugh! No fun! But through all this I have realized how many baby products that I love and that are true lifesavers in our household.

Product #1: The Diaper Genie II Elite Whether you have a newborn and are changing 5000 diapers a day or you have a sick toddler that you are changing all the time you need this in your nursery! It keeps all those dirty diapers in one handy place and contains all the nasty smell. I love this model because it has a foot pedal that opens the top and you just throw and go. So nice!

Product #2: Prince Lionheart Wipes Warmer When I was pregnant someone told me about these and I am so glad they did! It keeps the wipes warm and fresh and makes diaper changes a lot more comfortable for your little one. It uses a little anti-microbial pad that you get wet and put in the bottom and then your wipes stay moist and germ free.

Product #3: Boudreaux's Butt Paste This has been the best diaper rash cream. It's not sticky and goes on smooth and clears up the rash SOOO fast!

Product #4: Johnson & Johnson's Lavender / Oatmeal Vanilla Products

Let me tell you...these products smell YUMMY!!!! I love bath time because Hattie always comes out smelling divine! I love the both the shampoo and lotion because the smell lasts for hours and hours. There is nothing better than getting a whiff of a yummy smelling baby! Oh yeah, and don't skimp out and buy the store brand. I made that mistake once and don't like them nearly as well. The shampoo is watery and the lotion is runny. Johnson's is definitely the way to go!

Product #5: Baby Einstein My First Signs

I don't think Hattie would ever have her hair done if it weren't for this movie. HAHA!! I put in on in our bedroom in the mornings and she LOVES it! I love it too because she is learning! Around 6 months old we started teaching her some signs and now she signs quite a lot of words. It helps her so much to communicate her wants and needs. This movie not only reinforces the signs she already knows but teaches her the spoken words as well. It's wonderful!

Product #6: Infa Feeder This is probably the best all around baby product out there! It is truly a LIFESAVER for any of you busy moms out there. My BFF Amanda let me try hers one day when Hattie was being super cranky in the car. It worked wonders! Who knew you could feed your hungry baby on the go WITHOUT any mess?! You just put a jar of food in, screw the lid on, and let baby go to town. This has saved me countless times on long drives, road trips, and even church. If you have a baby that is starting rice cereal you need one these in your life! You can find them on Love, love, LOVE this thing!



I love when you post your favorite things...They are alwasy so good! I have to tell you that my sister the speech pathologist said that teaching children to sign is NOT a good idea. Here is what she said: "WE TALK, we are not deaf and our children need to learn to talk. It is a fad that is not a very good one. The first thing we need to teach our children is how to communicate with words not signs. Signs are used for children who cannot speak. If yours can, then teach them to use words!" Just passing this on...but it actually makes sense to me. Hope you don't mind me sharing what she said!

Alexa said...

Tammie! I don't mind a bit! I actually appreciate it. I'm not worried about Hattie speaking but I do see where your sister is coming from. Hattie has been putting two words together for the last couple of weeks and I think seems to be advancing fine. It was most helpful when she was younger and wasn't using any spoken words.