Friday, April 22, 2011


I never thought I would see the day that I would be writing a post like this. I always thought there is NO way MY child will EVER wear THOSE things. Well...I lied. There I said it.

For Christmas Manhattan received an Elmo doll. She loves him because you shake him and he talks. She thinks it's great! Soon after having him she learned to say his name, "Ellllmo." Well one day when I couldn't think of anything for us to do I put on Sesame Street. BIG OOPS!!! That's all she wants to watch now. Anytime she sees the television on she asks to watch "ELMO." Whatever makes her happy right? Wrong. Apparently it only gets worse. Keep reading.
My big girl watching Elmo
Dear Manhattan, STOP growing!
Earlier this week while getting some last minute Easter necessities at the store we passed the pajama section. Of course right there at eye level are some "ELLLLMO" jammies. I about died! What was I supposed to do? Just walk away? No. She would have a fit. Instead I gave them to her just to hold for the rest of our trip through the store. I thought FOR SURE I could just ditch those puppies down some obscure aisle and that would be then end of it. Well that's just what I did--right next to the Pillow Pets. Problem solved. Oh wait! Not two seconds later was she looking in the back of the cart screaming for precious Elmo. UGH! I thought those sneaky mom tricks worked. Apparently not. We had to go back to where I ditched the jammies, retrieve them from the VERY back of the shelf, and put them back into my little girls arms.

I bought the jammies.
She loves them.
I love them because she loves them.
And now we own our first set of character jammies. Now don't go all crazy on me thinking that I've turned over a new leaf. I'd be hard pressed to EVER find those light up shoes with Princesses on them in HER closet. But I lied once, who's to say I won't do it again. HA!


Daniel and Kylie said...

hahahah so funny! but she looks so cute in her elmo attire :)

Bridget said...

Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! I'm seriously laughing because I said the same thing!! And both of our boys are sitting in their character pj's at this very moment. We do NOT however have character shoes, like you, I draw the line with shoes!! LMBO. So funny how we do a million things we said we'd never do once we have kids. Hattie is such a doll!

Ross n Jen said...

Light up shoes are next. Oakley saw them, loved them, reacted just like Hattie did and I couldn't not get them (especially when I only paid $3 for them at D.I., they were almost brand new for crying out loud!). *GASP* Thank goodness that's behind me now and it's been over 6 months since she's outgrown them : ) The things we do for our kids!


So funny! At least she has a hair bow that matches her jammies! Kids love those kind of things at her age....I promise it's not the last time you will be buying something like that! hahahahaha!

Ben N Nessa said...


Jeff and Rani May said...

Hahaha this post made me laugh out loud! :) She is still looks so precious and you're a sweet mom for letting her have them (although I probably would have reacted the exact same way) - but their happiness and joy will always win out I am sure. :)

Cristina said...

this is seriously the cutest post! I feel ya on the character stuff but least she has a cute bow on to match!!

D'Laina said...

LOL! That is sooo funny I'm the same way. PJ's I don't care to much about he has, cars, toy story, etc...but actual clothes heck to the no my kids will not wear a shirt with mickey mouse, winnie the pooh or whatever i just don't like it. I did have to buy Ethan some light up Toy Story shoes (I almost died) but he loves them I don't let him where them to preschool or whatnot ha oh well you gotta pick your battles :)