Monday, November 1, 2010

{Happy Haunting}

I first thought I would post some pictures of my Halloween Decor this year. I love to decorate my house for all of the holidays and Halloween is definitely NO exception :) {Please forgive my picture-less frames and candle-less candelabra...}

About a week before Halloween, Amanda, Jackie and I went up to Gardner Village for a "Witches Night Out!" It was such a blast to spend some girl time together! We ate yummy food, did some shopping and even got our groove on! Thanks ladies--I had a GREAT night on the town with y'all :)

On Friday, we had a little Halloween Party at work. Sean and Hattie came to visit and all of the ladies at work dressed up as Witches! It was a lot of fun!

AND...If you don't already know, or can't already tell...Halloween is one of my FAVORITE holidays! I think it is super fun to decorate for and who doesn't love to dress up?! Of course we had to have a theme, and this year it was the Wizard of Oz! I was Dorothy, Sean was the Scarecrow, and Hattie was the Cowardly LionESS! Haha! We had so much fun being apart of Manhattan's costume :) Here are some pictures of us on Saturday night.


the hopkins said...

Love the little bows in her mane! Ha she's such a doll. And I have been wanting to go to witches night out the past couple years... it's just never worked out that I've been down there for a weekend! Maybe next year. Looks like you girls had fun! Love your costumes!!

Cristina said...

Seriously the cutest lioness I've ever seen. The big red bows make it! Oh, and the adorable little girl!!