Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I live for gorgeous fall weather in Utah. The temperature is always perfect and the mountains have such splendor. Unfortunately, it never lasts long enough...I just walked outside and it is snowing quarter-sized flakes. Just in time for Halloween right?! Ha! Anyway, we recently have done some fun things that I thought I would share.

*Pumpkin Patch*

Right down the road from us there is a super cute pumpkin patch! We decided it would be fun to take both Hattie and Erica to see the pumpkins and the animals. Erica wasn't too thrilled about it but we still had an enjoyable time and Manhattan loved it!

*New Tradition*

Sean and I both love Honeycrisp Apples. If you haven't tried them you REALLY need to--they are AmAzInG! With the purchase of them, I thought it would be fun to start making caramel apples every year around Halloween. We love the cinnamon sugar apple from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory so we thought we'd give it a whirl! They turned out yummy but not very pretty. Ha! I'm sure over the years they will start looking better :)



Cute pictures of Miss Hattie! The apples look good to me! Fun tradition!

kels&murr said...

i am officially obsessed with honeycrisp apples :) miss hattie is sooo dang cute.and i love that erika is in these pictures! i miss her!

Ross n Jen said...

Erica does NOT look like a very happy scarecrow. Hee hee, she's such a crack-up and will always be! : )

D'Laina said...

Hattie's costume turned out so cute! Caramled apples YUM I seriously made like 3 batches of like 15 each gave them to Ethan's preschool teachers the ladies I visit teach etc...I make homemade caramel do you? If not I have the best recipie! The cinnamon and sugar is the best!