Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Going back to 4 months old...and 5 months...

I feel awful that I haven't been posting Manhattan's monthly highlights! Things have been so busy and finally I have a minute to sit down, look at her calendar and remember what she was doing 2 months ago.

At 4 months old this is what Hattie was up to:

-She started to roll over both ways and even went over and over again to grab at things-She started sucking her thumb (this only lasted a brief moment but was very cute)

-She got a new babysitter and has such a great time there

-She started holding her own bottle with just a little help
-She started "singing" in the car! Cutest thing! It makes me smile every time we go on a car ride--she loves them!
-She started reaching and grabbing everything in sight!

-She starting saying "da-da" :)-She chews and sucks on her tongue. As you can tell in most pictures, she's ObSeSsEd with her tongue and it's always sticking out.

-She celebrated her first Easter. She loved her basket and all the fun things inside.
-She started to really respond to voices and her name.

At 5 months old this is what Hattie was up to:

-She is a giggle bug!! She LOVES Prada and Grandma Susan's dog Starlette and laughs at everything they do--her laugh is contagious!
-She tried rice cereal for the first time--she wasn't a big fan and screamed the entire time

-She loves jumping! Her Grandpa Alan bought her a jumper and she has so much fun bouncing away-She has an obsession with hanging upside down--if she's lying on your lap she will push herself until she's just hanging there
-She started rolling EvErYwHeRe

-She found her feet and has to grab and suck on them constantly
-She started getting up on all fours and rocking

-Her Great Grandma Sweetums came to meet her for the first time and we had the opportunity to take 4 generation pictures


Ben N Nessa said...

Love the tongue cute :)

Lindsay Mecham said...

Oh, she is sooo cute!

Ross n Jen said...

Grandpa Alan? You'd better bleep that out of there before he scratches you off his will! ; )