Thursday, February 18, 2010

Festive February

February has been quite the busy month for the Pack Clan!

To start, Sean's sister Kylie came to visit along with his Aunt Kris and cousins Brooke and Chelsea. It was wonderful seeing all of them and we can't wait to pay them all a visit to sunny California hopefully soon! Sean was able to go up skiing with his parents and cousins and they had a great time and aferwards we all went up to The Pie for some delicious pizza!

February is Super Bowl month and James and Magan held the 3rd annual Simmons Super Bowl party. We love these guys and always enjoy the fabulous gatherings they host! Magan and Shara make these AmAzInG Oreo Balls and I have to say I probably ate 30 that evening. There goes the diet! Ha!

My Dad's birthday is February 12th and to celebrate we my family went up to one of our favorite sushi restaurant's Suehiro--YUM! Happy Birthday Daddy!

And of course February is also the month of love :) We had a lovely, low key Valentines Day spent at home. To start the day, to my surprise, when I got out of the shower I smelled some yummy breakfast cooking downstairs. Sean had made THE BEST French Toast for me! We had to hurry and eat sice our church starts at 9:00am. We were a little bit late but we had to get Hattie ready in her Valentines Day Dress of course! We took pictures of her after we got home and she wasn't the happiest little Valentine :( Later on we exchanged gifts and I probably got the best gift from Sean--he took the baby and I was able to take a two hour nap! Thank you babe! It was pure bliss! I also made some yummy cupcakes for us and to share with some of our friends. It was a great Holiday! A couple days later another Valentines gift arrived for Sean. I ordered these canvas prints of Hattie and I think they turned out beautiful!



Looks like a fun time! I love that little red dress she was wearing when she was crying her little head off....and the socks, they are so cute! Do you have so much fun putting her outfits together! I like how she is looking at your dad blow out his candle! Good pictures!

Ben N Nessa said...

What wonderful pictures! Where did you get those canvases printed??? I need some for Chloe!