Monday, June 18, 2012

One Month Old (playing catch up)

Holden how are you already a month old?  I feel like I blinked and now we are here.  You are my sleepy dreamy baby.  If I could guarantee all my babies would be like you, I would have 12 more!  You have such a relaxed, anything goes personality and you sure do love your sleep.  In your entire first month there were only two nights that you woke twice during the night!  What have you been up to at One Month Old?  Let me tell you!
  • You had your first bath at 4 days old and hated every minute of it. 
  • You had your first outing at one week old.  We walked to the mailbox in the stroller and it was nearly a disaster
  • You had your first photo shoot at 9 days old.  You were soooo good except for peeing and pooping all over your momma! Ha!
  • At 10 days old you slept from 11PM - 6AM
  • At your two week appointment you weighed 7.08 pounds were 20.75 inches long and had a 13.77 inch head circumference
  • You had your first St. Patrick's Day and of course wore green :)
  • At three weeks old you rolled from your tummy to back for the first time
  • You took your first nap in the crib (in your beloved swaddle of course!)
  • You went on your first (of many to come!) shopping trip to Target and slept the entire time
  • You found your sweet little voice and started "talking" away
  • Your eyes are starting to look more blue

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