Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Giggle Book

Manhattan has always been very verbal and talked from a very young age.  It always amazes me the things that she comes up with!  She is absolutely hysterical and I die laughing at so many of the things she says and the way she interprets things.  I know that most mom's feel this way, and  recently I came across a cute idea on Pinterest (go figure) that is called the Giggle Book.  It's basically a notebook that you keep track of all the cute and funny things your kids say and then you can give it to them once they get married.  I just loved this idea because of late I have just been keeping a list of "Hattie Says" on random papers and they are bound to get lost if I don't create a giggle book for her!  Anyway here are some of the funnies I have written down so far that I don't want to forget:

Instead of something else: "I want a different else"

During Easter time: "Look at those eggs!  They are SOOO GORGEOUS!"

When I came in from planting flowers in grubby shorts and a t-shirt: "WHAT are you WEARING?!  That looks SILLY!  Find a different else!"  Apparently she was mortified!  Who have I created? Hahahaha!

When we went swimming for the first time this season: "I went swimming with Kaylee and Kennie and I got to wear a swimming soup." aka swimming suit

When deciding what to eat for breakfast: "Umm...I think I want fireweeks!" You know, as opposed to those mini wheats we all love, ha!

"Momma I want checkup with my nuggets." aka Ketchup

"Are we going to the swimming cools today?" aka swimming pools

"Momma I love Sean Pack (long pause...) I like daddy too."

When we were in Las Vegas she saw the Excalibur Castle:  "That is AMAZING!!! It's sooooo BEAUTIFUL!!! Can we go upstairs and see Rapunzel and Cinderella's bed?"  She truly was in awe :)

When she saw the Stratosphere: "Momma look!  It's a big candle!"

This little girl keeps up smiling and laughing everyday with her cuteness!  We love you so much Hattie girl!

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