Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mission Impossible: Operation Mailbox

When Holden was about a week and a half old I decided it was time for a quick outing.  If you know me I get a little stir crazy if I'm home too much and I really like to get outside.  I hadn't checked the mail since Holden was born and I knew there were some goodies waiting there for us (I may have ordered several things while in the hospital...those late night feedings get me every time!)  Because we live in a town home, the mailbox isn't right outside our door, instead it's about a block away.  So we usually just stroll on over and are home in about 5 minutes--no big deal right?  Wrong.  Apparently things take ten bazillion times longer than you ever thought they would once you have two kids in tow.

First I ran outside to the car to get the stroller out.  Holden was sound asleep when I went out and when I returned not 3 minutes later she was screaming bloody murder--dying of starvation of course.  So I brought the stroller inside and sat down to feed her.

She let me know that she was done by projectile vomiting all over the two of us. Awesome.  Of course now I had to get both of us changed before we could head out the door.  Once all clean I came downstairs to find Hattie rummaging through the pantry because she too had reached the point of starvation.  I had to then baggie up some snacks and water for her to take on the 5 minute journey we were about to embark. 

Once the snacks were prepared, it was now too cold for us to go out without jackets on.  So back upstairs we go to find something a little warmer to wear. the time I got Holden fed, myself and baby changed, jackets on, stroller set up, girls buckled in with snacks and water in hand it was an hour and a half later!  I didn't know whether to laugh or cry!  It truly felt like we would never make it out the door alive.  Luckily, we made it to the mailbox and back in one piece.  But, let's just say that a "quick trip" is no longer part of our vocabulary. Ha!


Bridget said...

I am laughing and crying! Ohhhh, how it's the truth.

D'Laina said...

Love this story! Ha the joys of being a mom :)