Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fun Projects

Can I just say that I am absolutely, positively, ObSeSsEd with Hobby Lobby?! Oh my goodness! Magan introduced me to this fabulous place and I am 100% hooked! So, I saw this wreath on the Better Homes and Gardens website that I really liked and normally I am someone who just thinks that something looks fun but I don't attempt to actually make it...BUT today I branched out and made a wreath! An actual wreath! I am so excited about it! All of the supplies came from HL and the total project cost me $16.50!

Another couple of fun projects that both my mom and I have been working on are for little Manhattan. My mom found a bassinet for $5 at a garage sale that was in great shape but wasn't really my taste. I showed my mom what I wanted and she offered to help me make this skirt to cover the whole thing! It's about 3/4 of the way done it's just missing a BIG bow to go in the front :)

I searched and searched for "shabby chic" crib bedding and couldn't find anything that I remotely liked for our little princess. I of course told my mom about my dilemma and she said that she would be happy to make it for me! My mom is just amazing! Because so many people have asked to see the progress on the nursery I thought I would show the samples of the fabrics and trims that will be used to create Manhattan's one-0f-a-kind bedding! Her crib is a distressed sage green and I think that it will all tie together really well. I promise as SOON as everything is complete we will post pictures!


Melissa Zurcher said...

WOW! You guys are so creative! Manhatten's bedding is beautiful! I am so impressed! Thank you for posting these pictures - I have been begging Sean to see the nursery in progress!

Carli and Tika said...

I love Hobby Lobby! You'd think they'd have one here in the valley with all the crafty women here. I do like the bedding! You'll have to let me know how hard it is to make I've been debating to make my own or not. And I do love the wreath!

Adam, Brittany and Andie said...

I want to see a picture of the awesome crib you guys did. I love love love the fabric you picked out for the crib bedding. Your lucky to have such a crafty mom. Let me know if you do anymore fun and crafty ideas. I would love to do some with you. Especially for our baby girls. We could even do some stuff at my house. I do live right by Hobby Lobby!

Shara said...

Cute. PS help me make a wreath and where is Hobby Lobby?