Monday, December 12, 2011

28 Weeks - 7 Months!

So of course I forgot to do a 27 week post but Holden decided to grow a TON the last two weeks--I keep running into things with my belly! Ha!

Pregnancy Highlights:
How far Along: 28 weeks - 7 Months! Where does the time go?!
Size of baby: Size of a Chinese cabbage
Total Weight Gain/Loss: + 12 lbs -Went to the doc today and had to be weighed! Darn it! BUT at least I am 5 pounds less than I was with Hattie, yay!
Maternity clothes: Not yet!
Gender: It's a GIRL! Holden Claire Pack
Movement: She moves like a champ and loves my right rib cage
Sleep: I've been sleeping pretty good but have started getting up more during the night
What I miss: Bending over normally--it's just getting more uncomfortable
Cravings: Pizza was ALL I could think about for 5 days and I finally had some last night, ha!
Symptoms: HEARTBURN and back pain. I really try not to complain about much but my back has been KILLING me for a while now and it's becoming more and more unbearable. And it doesn't help that sometimes I walk like a grandma! Ha!
Best Moment this Week: Hearing Holden's heartbeat today! LOVE HER! :)


D'Laina said...

You are actually starting to look prego it's about time you are so little! I can't believe only 12 more weeks yay!

Bethany said...

WOW I can't believe how tiny you are!You look really good! How exciting you have cute kids!

halie said...

i can't wait for Holden to get here! 2 more months!! SO exciting!

Cristina said...

Lookin good Alexa!! can't wait to see that munchkin!

Ross n Jen said...

So, it's 4:30am... and I'm at work... and I just laughed OUT LOUD in an almost quiet room sitting with 5 of my co-workers! Your "walking like a grandma" was hilarious! Probably because I visualized it and it was pretty stinkin' funny! Or it could be that it's 4:30am and I'm on the 10th hour of my 12 hour shift. Hm. Hee hee.