Saturday, March 26, 2011

California Dreamin'

Over Sean's spring we headed out to California. The drive was long but we had so much fun visiting with Sean's Aunt & Uncle, Cousins, and of course Daniel & Kylie! We went shopping, to the pier, did a TON of good eating and went to the San Diego Zoo.

The first day we were there we there we went to the Fashion Island Mall. It was so pretty with some really fun stores. Inside there was a Koi Pond. Hattie couldn't believe all the fish! I couldn't either--they were huge!

The next day Kylie came to visit and we went to the pier and ate at Ruby's. It's this cute little place at the end of the pier with the most gorgeous view AND the yummiest milkshakes!

On the pier we even saw some dolphins swimming! It was so fun to watch them!

While staying at the Stinson's, Hattie was OBSESSED with going "up" (we are working on the word "outside"). They live on the water and she would sit at their back door constantly looking at it. She was so interested in the water and I'm thinking we will need to put her in swimming lessons this summer.

The next morning we took a drive to Corona Del Mar and Laguna Beach. GORGEOUS!!! In Corona we stopped at a little place called Rose's cafe for breakfast. They had the best breakfast burrito's!

Sean's cousins were so sweet and loved taking Hattie outside too. Here Hattie is playing with Chelsea.

Sean put her on the kayak much to my dismay...but of course she loved it :)

My baby is getting so big. Such a pretty girl.

Rod and Kris both adored Hattie and loved having her around. Everyday they would have her help them water the flowers and even bought her her own watering pail! How cute is that?!

That night we headed down to San Diego with Dan and Kylie. Funny story. We stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel and when we pulled up it was 11PM on a Friday night. Well let me tell you, the club was BUMPIN'! There were so many people standing outside waiting to get in and of course it was right next to the valet. So here we are getting out with a baby in jammies and Kylie with her baby bump. All of us probably younger than several of those in line. SO FUNNY! It was like two different worlds had collided.

Once we got to our room I asked Hattie if she wanted to look out the window. We were on the 10th floor and when you looked out you could see the street below with all the lights and cars. I opened up the curtains and Hattie said, "WOAH!!" We all died laughing. She had never said it before and it was in perfect context--too cute!

We also had to get Hattie some milk so that she would go back to sleep. Kylie was nice enough to call room service for us and they brought up 2 big glasses of whole milk. When they brought it up, I told the guy it's probably the strangest request he's had in a while--he just laughed. HA!

The next morning we got up, went to breakfast and then headed to the San Diego Zoo. Unfortunately Dan couldn't join us because he was presenting a project at a Dental convention. He's kinda smart like that--go Daniel! Luckily though Kylie joined us and helped out so much with Hattie--THANK YOU KY!

Our first stop? The petting zoo. We probably could have stayed there the whole time--Hattie was obsessed! She kept running from goat to goat! HA!

The zoo is huge and there is just no possible way you can visit all of the animals. Here are some of our stops.

That night we went to a place called Hash House a go go. Sean had been there before and was super excited to take us there. Well...the pictures speak for themselves! The portion sizes were HUGE! Holy cow! And I must say that it wasn't my favorite dining experience. The boys loved it and I decided that it's a Man's restaurant-- the gigantic portion sizes of home cooked classics with a twist--what guy wouldn't love that? HA!

That is basically where our trip ended. The next morning we headed back home. Hattie did pretty well for both drives but I think we were all excited to be home. When we walked in the door I took Hattie up to her room and she pointed to her crib and started clapping! THEN she wanted IN her crib--I put her in and she hunched her bum up, snuggled her blanket then sat back up and clapped some more. I have to agree with her, nothing compares to your own bed.

We loved our road trip and can't wait to go back in July when Daniel and Kylie welcome their baby girl!



San Diego is the best place in the world! There is so much to do there! We just spent a weekend there for a little birthday get-a-way for Ben and we went and did some things we had never done and it was so much fun! Now we are going to have to go and check out that restaurant you guys went to! We will for sure share a meal thought! Glad you had such a fun time.

melissa marie said...

So good to run into you the other day. Hattie is a doll!

Cristina said...

This trip looks so much fun!! Makes me want to take a vacation! Glad you guys had fun and Hattie looks adorable as always. Such a little fashionista like her mama!