Tuesday, March 16, 2010

3 Months Old

Where has the last month gone? Seriously are we already half way through March?! Unbelievable! I swear having kids makes you realize how special every day is and that we need to cherish the moments or they will pass us by. Well Manhattan is 3 months old today and is just loving life! What's she up to at 3 months? Let her tell you!

- I had my first Doctor's visit and got my first set of shots--I was not a happy camper

- I got my ears pierced! It hurt like mad but they look super cute--pain is beauty right?

- I am a champion at tummy time even though I don't like it much

- I kind of laugh a little when you blow on my tummy and I seem to be pretty ticklish like my daddy

- If I am on my back I never stop kicking and moving! I love it!

- I am starting to reach and grab for things--I really like to pull on mama's face and I seem to favor my left hand

- I just started to be able to hold my own bottle - I pull it out a lot but I'm getting the hang of it

- I go and see my sweet cousins every day and I love them so much!

- I caught my first cold but am so good natured that I just smile through it

- I went for my first "bike ride" with my daddy and loved every second of it

- I've been able to go outside a couple of days and enjoy the nice weather--who knew Utah was anything other than cold?


Ashley Russell said...

Super Cute Alexa she looks like a Doll! Were you nervous about getting her ears pierced? I want to get Alivia's done but I am nervous!

Jensen Family said...

what cute pictures! i can't believe she is 3 months already??

Shara said...

SOO cute. Love these. The cousins love you too Miss Hattie!

Michael, Dlaina & Ethan Lindsay said...

She is SO CUTE! Where did the time go I swear you just had her! The pics are adorable, makes he so excited to meet my new little guy! We need to start playing bunco again, or just have a play date :)

Ben N Nessa said...

LOVE the pictures and update! She IS ALLLLL girl!