Thursday, January 21, 2010

One Month Old

I can't believe Hattie Grace is one month old already! It's so crazy! Sean and I love being parents to this little girl and it's so fun to watch her change and grow. So whats up with Manhattan at one month? Let her tell you!

-My eyelashes are growing everyday! They are so pretty and long!

-I love, love, love bathtime

-I'm such a good sleeper and have slept through the night 3 times. And if I don't I only wake up once!

-I like music and when people sing to me. Some of my favorite songs are I am a Child of God, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, The ABC's, and Hush Little Baby

-I love swinging in my swing

-I love books and my mommy reads to me everyday

-I love my daddy and mimic the funny faces he makes for me like sticking out my tounge

-Once in a while I smile for my mom, dad and Grandmama :)

-I'm growing so big and my newborn clothes are getting smaller. I think I weigh close to 10 pounds!


Whitelock Family said...

Alexa she is a doll. Her lips and eyes just stand out. Congratulations. Check out my

Jensen Family said...

happy one month hattie! she is so cute :)

Shara said...

YEAH! I miss her and I live down the street :) Come see us Hattie


I can't wait to see this little precious baby girl! I am planning on coming in April! She will be so big by then! I'm glad I get to see pictures of her on facebook and your blog!

Ross n Jen said...

Cutie little patootie!

Leah said...

She is soooo stinkin' Cute!!! I love her outfit by the way ;)

Cristina said...

I always love seeing what she is wearing! She is so cute! I want to meet her!!

Lindsay Kae said...

She is just darling!!

Roxanne said...

oh my goodness she's so pretttyyyyyyy!!!!!!!! :)