Sunday, November 8, 2009

Loving Life

So I have kinda let Alexa carry the blogging load lately and I thought today would be a great day to write about what has been going on with me lately. There are some serious changes on the horizon for us and I gotta say, I COULD NOT BE ANY MORE EXCITED. Alexa is ready to be done with this whole pregnancy business but I have to applaud her for the way she has handled everything. She is still working full time, being a great wife, and still has not gone a day without wearing her heels. Move over all of Hattie's things that belong in the nursery closet, Alexa's heels are here to stay! I am sure Alexa will roll her eyes when she reads this, but I am amazed that she is still wearing those crazy things at 35 weeks. She looks amazing and I am excited to see her as a mommy. Speaking of being a parent, ummm.... who in the wide wide world of sports would have thought that Sean Pack would be a dad at 25. I chuckle quite often at the plan of our creator. I know its all happening for a reason and at this time for the same, but holy cow. That's all I will say about that. I am excited. Now to get to some things that have been going on with me lately.


So Alexa surprised me a few weeks back with an early Christmas present. I don't know if many of you know this, but I really like nice things. :) Luckily, Alexa shares my similar taste and in this particular situation, and we got a steal on pretty much the nicest pen I have ever seen. The Mont Blanc website would snub their noses that I called the pen a "pen". The "precision writing instrument" shown below will be the pen of choice for me for many years to come. Thank you sweetheart, I love it!


Alan, (my father-in-law) won a trip for two to Chicago during a competition for his work. The perks of the trip were awesome and I gotta say, Alan knows how to travel. We went to Chicago for a taping of the PBS show Soundstage. I am sure not a ton of you know what the show is, as it is on PBS, but it is basically a concert for TV. We saw Michael McDonald, formerly of the Doobie Brothers. It was really awesome. It was a relatively small stage/venue so we were really close. It was really a fun night. We had a reception before the show where we got to meet Mr. McDonald and get pictures and things with him. The taping was for a Christmas show, which is always a favorite for myself. It was a quick trip, but we stayed in downtown Chicago in the Magnificent Mile Marriot and got to bum around Chicago for a day. We ate at the Lux du Cafe, among other places and it was fantastic. I absolutely love Chicago and I want to go back so bad. Alan knew that I desperately needed new running shoes, so we stopped by the Niketown and he was so kind to buy me a new pair of shoes. They of course are pictured below. I have the yellow ones though :) The shoes are pretty much the best pair I have ever worn. 1 mile becomes 4 pretty easily. So it was a great, great, great trip and I thank you Alan for taking me. I had a blast. It was good father-in-law, son-in-law time. Thank you.

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Lindsay Kae said...

Sean, I just love this post so much, especially the first paragraph. Yeah, it's crazy that we are all growing up. HOWEVER, I don't know of any other boy that was as good with kids as you were growing up. You will be a great daddy. :-)

Alexa, I LOVE that you are still rockin' those heels. You go girl. Good luck with the next month. Hang in there.